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Board Member Spotlight: Lori Whitehead Stutzman

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Board Member; Lori Whitehead Stutzman

Lori Whitehead Stutzman joined the board of directors at CASA in January of 2021. She felt called to be involved with CASA and be able to help aid us in our mission. She also wanted to be a part of helping children reconnect with their families or end up in a safer home. Whitehead Stutzman believes that children are the foundation and the future of our community, so why not invest time into ensuring their safety and wellbeing. Being a part of CASA has allowed her to pour herself into the community and give back in a way that she never has before. 

When not being an integral member of CASA’s board of directors, Whitehead Stutzman is the President of Whimet Inc. located in Warsaw, IN. In addition, she assists in conducting mock interviews with the participants of the JCAP program. She is married with 3 step-children and 4 grandchildren whom she loves to spend time with. Whitehead Stutzman describes herself as being an enthusiastic and confident person and uses those attributes when gaining supporters for CASA. She feels as if her biggest accomplishment in life is being a good daughter, wife, and friend. The relationships she has built in her personal life and community mean the world to her and she wishes to continue cultivating those relationships as time goes on. If someone is unsure of whether or not they should try and be involved with CASA, Whitehead Stutzman’s response would be, “This is your opportunity to have more social responsibility and make a difference in the children of our communities lives.”

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