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Why I love CASA volunteers?

Friday, March 31, 2023

If you have read the news or listened to local radio in the past week, you have likely heard of a baby with broken ribs at the hands of their teenage father. This sad new is not the only story of abuse this month, it is simply the story which rose to the media’s attention. There a certainly more children right now who are suffering abuse and neglect on a daily basis.

Talk to local teachers, they will tell you stories of children who obviously had no one get them up in the morning. No one to check for homework, bedhead, or if clothes have been changed this week. They will tell you the stories of terrible things the kids talked about seeing or hearing at home. Watch the local jail bookings and you will regularly see people arrested for domestic battery in the presence of a minor. There are children right here in Kosciusko County, children in your child/grandchild’s class, who daily experience abuse and neglect.

Working Toward Change

It is easy to want to hug your own children and look away, because it hurts to know there are children being abuse, it is frustrating to know what has become acceptable parenting, and it feels impossible to turn things around. There is a group of people through, who choose to step out of their comfort zone and help these children. There are people who lean in to hear more and then volunteer their compassion to give the silent victims a voice. These people are court Appointed Special Advocates, CASA volunteers.

These volunteers sign up for 33 hours of training to understand more about the problem and to learn how to help create change. CASA volunteers know the role they play will not be easy but they believe there is only hope if we do something. They believe it is time to add a plot twist in the child’s life story. They see the court involvement as the tipping point right before change comes. CASA volunteers see what is happening and choose to offer their hand and walk alongside the child through the hardships. This is why I love CASA volunteers.

Emotional but worth it

For those who become CASA volunteers they know it will be emotional, but doing nothing is also emotional for them. CASA volunteers take this emotion and turn it into motivation. Motivation to change the direction of the story. Motivation to make sure everyone in the room remembers there is a child who needs to be safe, invested in, and a priority.

CASA volunteers are impacted emotionally by hearing about the abuse and neglect but their role doesn’t live it that event. It moves on to what needs to change so the child can have a safe and permanent home. CASA volunteers make it a priority to know the child and their whole situation. To find what unlocks the child’s potential. To learn what make them feel safe, special, important, and loved. Then they speak as the voice of the child, keeping the child’s best interests in the forefront, encouraging everyone else to do the same. They make sure when the Judge makes decisions they see the child and what that child needs. This is what I love about CASA volunteers.

Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and you will see Blue Pinwheels going up. When you see them you can be assured there is a person who is not able to look away and is committing to do something for the most vulnerable. Will you be one of those people? To learn more about how you can participate or support CASA in April check out the events page. Or if you would like to learn how you can become a CASA volunteer hit “volunteer‘. It’s time we all say “this is not how the story ends.”

Change a Child’s Story.

Support CASA

Impact Children That Need Us