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Volunteer Spotlight: Rick Keeven

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Rick Keeven (light colored suit) at his swearing in in 2003

Rick Keeven has been advocating for children in our community through CASA since 2003. The mission of CASA struck a chord with Keeven and he knew that he could not sit back and had to act. He had previously struggled with anxiety and depression and had the thought that he could help others who may be struggling with those issues as well. A lot of individuals who struggle with those issues tend to feel alone, and Keeven wanted to be a pillar of support for those individuals if he could. As a volunteer, he feels a sense of purpose has been added to his life. “When you get older you want to be useful,” Keeven explained. “I wanted to do something for children that was purposeful.” 

Keeven described that one of the most rewarding aspects of being a CASA is seeing the children get the best outcomes possible. Whether that be returning to their families or another situation, seeing them be able to get the best situation possible is what is most important. Keeven has also enjoyed the relationships he has made by being a CASA. He enjoyed working with Sally Mahnken and felt that she put an emphasis on having a good relationship with her volunteers. He is so thankful that CASA has grown into what it is today and that we have more staff and more supporters.

During his time with CASA, Keeven has seen the many changes that have occurred. He believes that CASA has always had wonderful employees who are supportive and helpful to the volunteers and is glad that we have continued to grow. Keeven also mentioned that our annual Holiday Festival has become more impressive each year and that we have continued to grow in our fundraising efforts. We want to thank Rick Keeven for the time that he has dedicated to CASA and for his continued support. 

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